Welcome to the official website of Monika Godlewska. Singer, actress, and model, she is a very talented woman with positive testimonials from anyone she works with. 

Her talents are very broad in the arena of singing as she has a broad vocal scale, which allows her to sing in many different genres, from rock to pop and many others. Her gift with writing lyrics and poetry really shows in her music videos seen in the singing section of this website.

Her dynamic range of acting roles and facial expressions really who when she is performing on stage. She is able to act the beautiful princess, the demented psychopathic pole dancer and many other roles she is challenged with. You will be able to see trailers from various films, whether shorts or large productions, in the Acting section of this website.

Her beauty is remarkable and is a feat of nature, which you will be able to see in the Modelling section of the website.

You will also be able to see press releases about Monika and see interviews within the Press Release section. You can follow her progress in her Blog and you can also contact her about any query or quote in the Contacts section
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